Hardwood Floors

Wood flooring legend  Birger Juell career began, as a new immigrant, he stepped ashore from a Norwegian square rigged sailing ship and his boss handed the young apprentice some knee pads, a box of scraper  and assignment.


Birger spent the next several years on his hands and knees learning the art of hand scraping from a master. It was 1946  that he founded his own flooring company.  He built a business  that became a fixture in the wood flooring industry known for its high-end, custom hand-scraped floors and high-profile clientele.

Birger Juell’s lumber is a cut above the rest, as the company has turned to more eco-friendly lumber sourcing techniques. The Birger Juell craftsmen use their expertise to create nothing less than beautifully hand scraped wood flooring  using these woods.



Veranda7 - Birger Juell

Brittany Hickory White Oak Bordeaux Walnut Versailles with Leather Cross
Heritage Haddon Haddon Hall Octagon Oak Hexagon Oak
Planks - Hickory Planks - Oak Planks - Walnut
Hickory Oak Walnut